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TotD: Regret

January 9th, 2011

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@The two people below me:Those aren't the groans he distributed, there the groans he recieved.

Jan 11th

@katfireblade you can see how many groans he did and how many comics he read so if your suggesting he groans at all the comics he reads or most of them you should really check his profile before you start pointing fingers and hes right there are people that dont make comics and still groan

Jan 9th

@katfireblade: there r 3 groans on this strip.

Jan 9th

Barlek, are you honestly saying that someone lurks and waits for you to post a strip, then immediatly graons every strip but yours just to make it look like you're doing it? EVERY night, for going on THREE weeks now? And while Soap's strip is not the best I've seen, it most certainly IS on topic. A naked man shot another man's friend dead, and he is sad and regrets the death. I am not the only one who has seen this pattern, and I won't fight with you anymore. I am asking nicely for the last time, please stop.

Jan 9th

Have you thought that there are people that keep their heads down, not making any strips, just groaning, the only strip I groaned was soapmactivosh's which had nothing to do with the topic.

Jan 9th

won't you just listen! IT IS NOT ME! okay, NOT ME!

Jan 9th

Balek, there is about two people every night who groan all the strips. Tonight, even now, when I'm looking at your stats, NO groans are showing, but they are showing on all the other TOTD strips posted before yours. I have watched this happen for quite some time now. People aren't stupid, and groans are not as anonymous as you think. When there is only a handful of people online, it becomes really easy to figure out who's doing what. Pointing fingers at everybody but yourself just proves your immaturity--it is not a convincing argument. I will ask again, nicely. Please stop.

Jan 9th

what are you talking about! if you look at my strips I have a groan on every TotD strip! and secondly it is not me okay! The people I know that do this are George8921 and ethan1234

Jan 9th

Two things. 1) It's funny hoe directly after you post your TOTD strips, everyone but yours pops up with a groan. 2) How you keep doing it like it actually MEANS something. Groans don't affect stats AT ALL. Soooo...are you trying to be a troll, or what? Because when word gets out, you'll find very few friends here, since almost no one is willing to tolerate that kind of behavior.

Jan 9th

Jan 9th

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