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'Local Patrol'

July 3rd, 2008

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like star treck

Jan 9th

Nice BG

Oct 18th

Wow Mike, you've been making this series for 6 years! I'm impressed, i've never seen a series that has been going on for that long!

August 26th

Making comics is not bad.

July 12th

boom mike your series has million views so that means your famous

June 6th

I made the strip on July 2nd my local time but Bitstrips changes to the next date about 8 PM my time.

May 17th

On the page info of the strip, it says "July 2, 2008 11pm", while it says on the page itself, "July 3, 2008". They goof'd that one.

May 17th

It A First Strip

May 9th

This comic is as old as my youtube channel!

April 3rd

I'm reading Local Patrol, and I'm in somewhere in episode 600 or 700

July 3rd

Soon, I shall be determined to read all of this, wish me luck, guys.

April 26th

the good old time on 2008

April 4th


March 31st


March 31st

I am going back in time and reading this awesomely outstanding creation from the beginning. I did this once before, and it's like a whole new story, I had forgotten so much and it is so good!!!!

March 1st

yayzors for 1st comics

Nov 1st

this is a better first comic then a lot of bitstrippers could do (no affence)

June 27th

this is epic

May 2nd

boommike is awsome and his first is better than all of mine! and cool way more than all of mine like I said befor!

April 14th

Nice first comic

April 11th

over rated so fufck off you niger and ya lazy bitxch!!

April 11th


April 11th

*first strip*

March 25th

Frankly...brilliant for a first comic! Lkf.

March 6th

Awesomeguy77 is right! Boommike is a legend!

Feb 12th

BOOMike is legend since the begginng of his stuff, this is proof!

Feb 2nd

Wow! CEC's comment is from 3 years ago

Jan 21st

awesome,your the best boommike!

Dec 8th

he is amazing :D

Nov 25th

The date changes around 8PM here in the EST time zone. I actually did this strip on July 2nd, local time.

Oct 7th

OMG! BoomMike's first strip was on my birthday!

Oct 7th

i...,..finally......made... to......your first........strip

August 23rd

I'm going to try to tackle this.... Here goes!

July 20th

who would groan

April 2nd

This is top notch for a first bitstrip!

Jan 20th

I've heard this series is good, so I will (try to) read it!

Nov 1st

I agree with jtacos.

June 13th

i wish i joined when this series started. it seems like a really cool series!

May 10th

Please vote for Local Patrol at these links: http://www.w
& http://topwe
You can learn more about Local Patrol at: http://www.l

April 3rd

I ended up losing track of LP a while back, so, i'm re-reading it..! (This is an EPIC task...)

April 3rd

I agree MSST, I agree!

Feb 23rd

Even in the beginning, Boom Mike was a top-notch Bitstripper.

Feb 9th

This is an awesome series!!

Sep 4th

I'm finally starting to read this series. Here I go!

August 21st

Make another one!

Oct 16, '08

Best series ever!

Oct 2, '08

OH noooooooooooooooo. Thanks for the smile!

Jul 11, '08

What a terrific series! Wait till the Atomic Space Patrol finds out about this! They'll celebrate until next St. Swithen's Day!

Jul 6, '08


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