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RMS Titanic

August 16th, 2008

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i know so much about the titanic im like obsessed with it.

June 8th

accually some people think it sank on april 14th and some think it sank on april 15th

April 30th

the titanic hit the iceberg on april 15th 1912

March 31st

Thats so, so sad.

July 25th

Thank you for putting that on here I <3 Titanic I know everything about it

Dec 9th

Amazing picture...but it is hard to laugh without feeling bad...

Oct 12, '08

WHAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!! And vampires have heart not rock and ice! WHAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!! SAD!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

Oct 7, '08

AAAAAAAAAAAAAA! That is so sad!

Sep 1, '08


Aug 29, '08

lol thanks for the comments guys... and Votchit: cracked open just like the hull huh? :(

Aug 24, '08

My mind just cracked open...

Aug 24, '08

wow, wully... LKF, incredibly done...

Aug 24, '08

Nicely done!

Aug 22, '08

Holy ship! This is amazing!

Aug 22, '08

hah.. i can imagine

Aug 22, '08

I saw the exhibit too - the only thing that bothered me was - after this somber, dark walk through the broken lives of the Titanic victims - the bright, gaudy gift shop tacked on at the end. Tacky.

Aug 22, '08

The titanic exhibit was fascinating as hell...The movie? About 2 hours too long...!Just me! Excellent job! (I've got to show this to a friend of mine...She'll love this...she's a Titanic hobbyist herself!

Aug 21, '08

WOW , Wulley , that is FANTASTIC.

Aug 18, '08

Did you know that researchers didn't find a massive hole in the bow, as depicted in movies? The rivets sheered off due to metal fatigue when the ship impacted the iceberg, leaving a large amount of small holes, through which the water came spraying out of like dozens of fountains! So the part about the water rushing in is true. The size of the hole is just different!

Aug 17, '08

Great job!

Aug 17, '08


WOW!! This is amazing Wully! Such great details! Love it!

Aug 16, '08

Thanks Slow and BoomMike! I am truly fascinated with the Titanic (i'm probably a Titanic enthusiast!) and really wanted to try my hand at making a comic of it so badly... i'm glad on how it turned out! :D

Aug 16, '08

Brass plated coffee cakes! That's one fine tribute to the Titanic ya got there, kiddo!

Aug 16, '08

i remember seeing this in Titanic movie. Very detailed ship! Good job!

Aug 16, '08

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