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December 19th, 2011

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This is from years ago, but still relevant. I know exactly how you feel!

March 31st


April 5th

last pannel, spelt*?

April 5th

but how are you gonna search it up if you dont know how to spell it

March 23rd

omg yor totily rite.

March 15th

I feel like I am a rare bird sometimes. I am the only one of my friends who doesn't use text talk for EVERYTHING, I actually know grammar, and I can spell "big" words like, "through". To top it off with whipped cream- we're all in sixth grade. (LOL and I am also the youngest)

March 14th

That's true about the spellcheck in the comic builder, but sometimes it'll say that actual words are incorrect or don't exist when they are, in fact, spelled correctly. That's what I meant when I said "more reliably."

Feb 4th

You do not even need to open a online dictionary, simply high-light and right click the word you wish to check on the comic strip, and a selection of similar spellings simultaneously apear. I often find the correct spelling using this method. However for a comment, you really must be more confident in the spelling and grammer of the words you decide to use. If you are not, then don't use the word. (Simples *cute meerkat noise*.)

Feb 4th

There should be grammer police...oh wait...

Jan 1st


Dec 31st

Agreed. When I usually comment on comics and I don't know how to spell a word, I usually keep a Dictionary tab up.

Dec 28th


Dec 22nd

Thank you Farah.

Dec 21st

@sari: Now I think you spelled 'to' wrong! I know it was a typo though.

Dec 21st

farah has SPELLING RAGE!!!!

Dec 20th

what a waste of time....just go to google and type in what you cant spell.

Dec 20th

I just do that because a lot of people on here here always say "It's spelt (place word here)" rudly. I will start looking on www.Dictonar
if it bothers you when I say "Spelling ?"

Dec 19th

Completely agree, but when I'm not sure about a word I usually just use a synonym I'm more familiar with. Kudos for putting this out there!

Dec 19th

I totally agree with this one-hundred percent, but what about text talk in comics and comments too? That really gets on my nerves too, because is it that hard to spell out "you" insted of "u"?

Dec 19th

Jeebus Crest!!

Dec 19th

I find this rood and afensiv.

Dec 19th

And if one purposefully chooses to spell their words incorrectly? Though I personally do not understand why someone would desire to do such a thing.

Dec 19th

If Google doesn't recognize a word, it doesn't exist.

Dec 19th

I agree, but I'm not going to be a hypocrite here, I am prone to doing that often, sory bout that.

Dec 19th

I totally agree.

Dec 19th

I like that you started a whole new series called "READ THIS, FOOL!" ...because it's become quite necessary lately.

Dec 19th

Or use Chrome and enable spell checking.

Dec 19th


Dec 19th

I think you're going to get a lot of really bad jokes of people purposefully spelling badly.

Dec 19th

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