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Uploading your own pictures

November 8th, 2011

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Yeah youre so goddamm right!!

Feb 19th

It is because if you do something like projects or something,you sometimes need some real ones... maybe you cant find the scene and animals *or whatever your doing* in the art library :P

Dec 10th

if bitstrips le tus put our own photo's on this,that would be awesome/magical/omg thanku

Sep 17th


Sep 17th


June 29th

i've seen the comments below about why we can't upload our own pictures...and i've got to say, that is one of the most idiotic excuses that the bitstrips people could come up with, all they have to do is come up with a non-spam or non-nudity system that people can follow, and if they violate the rule, just ban them. there should be absolutely no excuses to stop the fans from getting what they want

May 26th

i hate that

April 27th

Yeah! I have both a bitstrips and a BFS so why cant we upload on both!

Feb 17th

I argee we need images for all comics.

Feb 11th

Pixton is exactly the same as Bitstrips, except you can import and you need to pay

Jan 14th

That would be a great idea, but when that happens, Bitstrips would probably ask us to pay for it, like Goanimate! or Pixton.

Jan 14th

shutup sodahead pics would be great, your probably the one who would post bad pics

Dec 5th

I agree with waffles213

Nov 28th

But people can post bad pictures.. duh

August 13th

i agree it would be so much better

July 4th

I've had that idea too! There are so many things that they don't have in bitstrips that I'd like to put into my comics!

June 22nd

at least what Vinimaykaul said a way to draw shapes

April 29th

Fine, can't bitstrips atleast make an upload picture button and no picture with you in it are allowed or no pics with anyone

Feb 27th

I think they should atleast provide a drawing tool so that we can draw few shapes. Something simple like paint maybe if not advanced. Anyways people can draw anything with shapes, but it can get easier.

Oct 4th

I would really like to see this happen too. I am using Bitstrips to design the characters for a graphic novel I am writing, I love the way they look and can be manipulated. But there are some things in the story that would be a huge pain to make out of shapes. (Edison's hovercraft, for example.) It would be easier if I could just draw it and upload it. And Bitstrips's refusal thus far to provide us with basic vehicle props, specifically cars and trucks, is going to be a problem since road scenes and car chases are a huge part of the story. I don't want to spend years making them out of shapes!

August 4th

Well, Bitstrips for school is just those in your class, They all know what you look like. This Bitstrips Is different. Theres a lot of people on this site, It has to do with privacy, And stuff like that.

Nov 14th

Because People Would pretend thats what they did for artwork (what i beleive)

Nov 13th

I asked that question, too.

Nov 13th

i asked that question to but it's because bitstrips does not want any one to put naked photos of them or of other people and for privacy

Nov 12th

Because then plagiarism and spam would be a huge problem and frankly it's annoying when people make the entire comic out of Google Images.

Nov 12th

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