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Taking Requests

January 30th, 2008

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add actual mask one eyed mask mask that cover ur mouth both eyes all kinda of mask with cool colors and strips

Feb 1st

bring back shirtless for all users.

Sep 20th

sci fi suits

March 7th

Can you make a transparent background? I wanna put my character on pictures and stuff

Nov 17th

I say... Could you orgnize the scenes into categories? That would make it much easier! Thanks!

August 13th

How do I make crutches?

March 21st

tae kwon do outfit and why or how can you see all the choices for the premade scenes in bitstrips for facebook?

March 5th

braids for a girls hair

Feb 2nd

I second the request for clergy outfits! Especially a cassock!

Jan 30th

Spears and other medivial weapons

Jan 21st

Garbage bag, more animals

Jan 16th

A clergy outfit (cassock) would be cool. That would make my avatar look more like me. Hope to see a cassock soon.

Dec 23rd

A clergy outfit?

Dec 21st

Markings on the cats. Like, Tabby, Calico, Spotted, Tuxedo, etc.

Oct 12th

I agree with Monkey power

August 22nd

oh, and shorter skirts and ponytails with bangs. thank you!

July 1st

There should be a pattern section in the clothes making for character creator. eg. plaid, stripes, polka dots, ext!

July 1st

character highlights! sorry... I'm really late, aren't I?

June 27th

I realy wanna know how to make pregnant people????

April 19th

facial piercings!!!

March 1st

More animals!

July 28th

And more weapons like machine guns and other crap

July 25th

and some masks

July 25th

more animals

July 24th

car, bike

July 24th

Not sure if you're still taking requests or not, since this was three years ago, but I'm really bad at making my own scenes. Was wondering if you could make like a store? Like, grocery store at the register?

June 9th

*so if you can't give us something, we understand

Jan 10th

like I said, you guys have given us alot, we only ask not so that we can be selfish, but to add on to bitstrips to make it a better place, we know you can't give EVERYTHING to us, so if you can't we undestand.

Jan 10th

ithink dresses would be pretty cool too...

Jan 10th

*Ladder* not Ldder.

Jan 10th

*hard work

Jan 10th

Ldder because paste told me to.

Jan 10th

Ladder Prop All the way!

Jan 10th

i agree with zinan ladder prop

Jan 10th

I read some of the comments at the bottem, it is amazaing to see how much you added in two years. you guys are amamzing, you have given so much. the only thing I ask is for a ladder prop. thank you deves for all your had work

Jan 10th


Jan 10th

And I think braids and more necklaces would rock.... And bracletes. Maybe dresses

Dec 11th

A ladder prop would be cool

Dec 11th

i'm a little late but what about a new backround

Dec 21st

who is the true bired grower

Nov 10th

Animals and cars.

July 2nd

i know this isn't a prop but the ability to highlight a group of objects and save it as a prop e.g a group of moons in the shape of a car can be saved to a my prop section as a car

June 23rd

hmmm...ladder? graffiti shirt designs? character poses, coats?

June 12th

Oooo... Ummm.. More clothes guns, bugs (snails etc) capes n' armors.

April 25th

MORE GUNS. Bloodthirst must be quenched.

April 25th

not the whole body though

April 24th

car, super hero capes, dynamite, crates, more moving poses and and the ability to move part of a body into the background or forground

April 24th

trench coats

April 24th

wait what i reallly want is a lightning bolt!

April 18th

o O oo UMM....SNAILS!!!

April 14th

This is not a request, but a thank you! With the recent spotlight effect and the resize of objects it has transformed a lot of peeps toons. It is amazing the great changes with such small additions. I look forward to what is to come. LKF to all the bitstrip staff and thanks for all the hard work!

Nov 25, '08

guns. lots of guns.

Nov 22, '08

And please... Can i write on the Shirts of my characters? That would be great too.

Oct 2, '08

Party hats?... For party days a party hat would be nice!

Sep 28, '08

Yeah iand maybe some other specil haloween stuff pumpkins and stuff... also i agree with wheelnut... more guns a rifle weapon or another pistol would be cool and hey maybe you could go on controls and change the look of the gun. not make them their own seperate prop? that would be cool!

Sep 25, '08

Some vampire teeth in the character builder in time for Halloween would be SOOOO EXCELLENT!!!

Sep 23, '08

i was wondering if it were possible to make the lines in the effects area in color, because i have a pretty cool idea to use them for... if thats at all possible...

Sep 18, '08

It would be very very very very nice, it when copy and pasting a single object it retains the size. At the moment the paste inserts the object at its default size and it looses the user set size. When working with a lot of objects and pasting over and over it is a major pain and time consuming to have to resize the objects over and over. Just a small request. :)

Sep 9, '08

and jackets that arnt done up like a zippup hoodie

Sep 7, '08

How about lab-coats? And some more feminine shoes? A semi-automatic pistol or a rifle-type weapon? Other fruits and veggies, like pineapples or carrots?

Sep 2, '08

More detailed pupils, with multiple colors in them maybe because I can never get eyes right on here. Baggy pants, longer and shorter skirts, tank tops, strapless shirts, dresses, vampire teeth :] the ability to edit chars within the panels (blushing and stuff) more lineless shapes...

Aug 30, '08

Under 'My Character"s every other row is offset. This is the same for IE, Firefox and Safari on both Windows and Mac in default settings. The quick temp fix is to reduce the browsers font down one notch and then all comes into the right rows. Since this has been an issue since 2.0 please reduce the font in that section. I do it temporally to see characters, but return to default font size for best user experince. This is just a FYI, not a complaint. Nice work by the bitsville team!

Aug 29, '08

Please add the ability to have Text Bubbles into the Scene Builder like in the comic builder. We use some text as backround and prop enhancements. It would be nice to have that too. Thanks.

Aug 28, '08

Ah!And forget the spray...Other ideas...Mmmmm....A fried chicken?

Aug 21, '08

heres anidea.... what if we could subscribe to a series. kindof like on youtube. there could be a special thing that says if theres a new comic in the series. and it will provide a direct link to the series from there! just an idea

Jun 26, '08

i ditto all of technutz's 50 comments... after that, what is left anyway!?!

Jun 24, '08

mobile phones big big screens!

Jun 9, '08

animals and vehicles.

May 26, '08

Skate-Boards bikes more clothes Dollars cars planes sprays.

May 23, '08

for sure there has been lots of updates on the comic builder and stuff even on the site over all! but... i haven't seen one update on the character builder! you should make one even if it is just close or maybe some new hairstyles!

May 19, '08

Doah I am busted by Will!

May 7, '08

i dont play runescape any more but... um those positions technutz requested are all from runescape... just wondering if that was a cowincadence... or how ever you spell that...

Apr 30, '08

id like to see guns granades and other fire arms.

Apr 29, '08

A large calibre revolver.

Apr 27, '08

Would very much like ability to convert existing strips to scenes. please, please, please.

Apr 26, '08

Other Body Positions: - Kung FU postions for better fight scenes, etc. :)

Apr 26, '08

Hand Postion Request: - Peace V - Austion Powers pinky - Long Horn Sign with Index and Pinky with front and back of hand.

Apr 26, '08

New Body Postions Request: - Bowing - Shrugg - Beckon - Yawn - Crying - Blow Kiss - Raspberry (Fingers in Ears with Toungue out) - Clapping - Salute - Stop with Arms out Front - Zombie - Scared with arms across face horizontal. - Guitar Play pose(s)

Apr 26, '08

My Friends and my Friends Favorites RSS feeds are still broken. Looking at the URLs it appears to be an easy fixy, maybe. They would be nice to have for us geeky ones.

Apr 24, '08

Can you add Music notes in next library update? TY...

Apr 23, '08

Like the new scene builder, but i can not edit an a scene after saving. Plus there is no safty trap from accidently clicking on another link and losing all work. Scene builder should all edits as We are building complex sets to be edit bummer...still left doing it the old way...ho humm...great work so far, but need key save/edit before I can really use this feature indepth. Thanks for the link on the side too to access it.

Apr 21, '08

If its not too hard to draw, I'd kill for a way to make people pregnant, for a baby prop (or a way to make babies - ha ha ha), and Army uniforms of some sort. Yeah.

Apr 18, '08

Thanks for the Delete comments! Now I can fix bad comments typos etc.

Apr 17, '08

You guys forgot to mention here that you can now rename and delete a series. i just read it on your twitter and tested it. Thank you so much. So disregard the one request below.

Apr 15, '08

Accesories: purses, shoes, a-line skirt, a car,

Apr 15, '08

Under Home can you move the new Scene and Character section to the left column. For us bit nuts that have a number of series the left column is mostly blank. Thus we have to scroll way down to access these features. This is not a complaint. Just a request. :)

Apr 15, '08

On some old and new objects, Plz allow symmetry view with the control for that object. Lamp posts in their current state will only face to the left and not the right. Older BS objects allow this view. :)

Apr 15, '08

Plz change the color of the Star when it is favoring a strip. I have unfavored several friends strips because I though I had not favored them. So it too easy to mistakenly unfavor a strip because you can not tell its current state, where as with laughs/groans you can. Just a simple thing... :)

Apr 15, '08

Very Cool Update. Plz give us the ablity to delete or rename a series. I have a bad series name from Day one that I am unable to delete or fix.

Apr 15, '08

Thank you for fixing my avatrie thing. I am female once again

Apr 14, '08

Edit and delete our own comments to fix spelling or correct gammer...

Apr 14, '08

spell check for thos of us who have big fingers.

Apr 14, '08

several undo levels would be a plus.

Apr 14, '08

Several undo levels would be a plus...

Apr 14, '08

add an undo feature while editing, plzzzzz!

Apr 14, '08

When rotating an object add the shift key hold down to enable 15 degree rotations jumps from and even lines to better get objects level horzontial or vertical.

Apr 14, '08

Please-a see comments on Buddy Series on the new scene builder. http://www.b
? feed=s_14... just tryn to be helpful.

Apr 14, '08

When I first started, I was dismayed by the lack of objects available to me. Then I saw the awesome creative things people came up with ("Bitsrippy Night" anyone?) and embraced the lack of objects. The first thing I thought of when I saw the new bowling ball was "Thank God, a circle! Now I have everything I need!" Give me a stick and a paper bag and I'll give you art.

Apr 13, '08

So like I am traveling this weekend. I get to the hotel and used their wireless network to get a bit fix. Then I realized that the login for this website is not encrypted. It seems fitting that the user name and passwords should be encrypted. It might get ugly if an evil doer had access to user accounts or even moderator accounts. Just a though. GoDaddy has them cheap.

Apr 12, '08

Oh great one! Grant us the power to rename a series and to delete a series names. Thank you oh gods of bitsville...hollowed is thine site... and the peeps said amen.

Apr 11, '08

How about a remix tracker or notice for strips and characters being remixed. Just a thought...cause i enjoy remix just as much as any and it let the orginator know new stuff is out.

Apr 11, '08

Eh Hem...can i have an update head that matches my avatar thingy. or is it just me and my web mirror.

Apr 10, '08

Let me try again: In stats it would be nice to see total favorites.

Apr 9, '08

In stats it you be nice to see total favorites.

Apr 9, '08

In accounts an option to enable super edit by default would be helpful. It might cutdown on traffic too as once you master the basics you never use the basic edit again.

Apr 9, '08

Instruments! I can't do my bitstrips without them, please make them soon:)

Apr 9, '08

High heels, more jewelry, thongs, dresses, larger tits, ability to resize body like you can with the face. Don't ask.

Apr 6, '08


dog please :)

Apr 6, '08

damn son... got your hands full?

Apr 3, '08

can you add a blender to the request?.....don't ask

Apr 3, '08

guns, chainsaws, knives, and teddy bears

Apr 3, '08

Bed, window, circle, square, triangle as mentioned by others, phones, flat sceen TV/monitor (Hello!- 2008!), nipples, more garments, boots, uniforms (police,medical, military, school), animals... and, btw- what you guys have already done f@#king ROCKS!

Apr 3, '08

ability to texturize clothing/fabric etc, like making wrinkly, worn etc. Also love the simple shapes suggestions (triangles, circles etc) for their mutability. would love to change clothing colors/minor appearance of a character from panel to panel rather than rebuild. there's more, but the site is still rockin' it BIG BIT TIME the way it is now!

Mar 29, '08

dildos. Man, put in dildos. That would be so funny. I'd be your best friend.

Mar 26, '08

A bookmark from where we left off reviewing the latest would be cool. There are some many new ones that I am missing where I last left off reviewing. plz

Mar 25, '08

Mom-Ba asked for 'old people' options. I think I'm old enough looking! Hmm. You learn a lot about folks by what kind of props they ask for! Fun.

Mar 24, '08

Goatees are a definate. I tried to make myself but could not because apparently the only people with facial hair in the world are those with beards or those with 5 o'clock shadows. Other than that, I agree with the basic geometric shapes people have mentioned. People could be able to modify a cone, a circle, and a triangle into a bat or something more complex.

Mar 23, '08

how bout some weapons or some thing and a scene in a car that would be cool!

Mar 22, '08

i'd like some really simple elements like a few different shapes to noodle around with. Circle, square, triangle, rectangle... it'll be like tanagrams!

Mar 19, '08

I'd like to edit characters without having to start over, import artwork for backgrounds from outside bitstrips, Bring to Front, Send to Back commands for overlapping elements, ability to create a series from strips already done - love this site!!

Mar 19, '08


technutz a date and a piece of paper so that he can write her number down...

Mar 19, '08

For scenes how about a stage, a bar, porch, park, differnt city scapes, small town, themes like western, future, alien planet, inside office place, store, factory, more country scapes. These are just suggestions. I am sure you guys have cool stuff coming.

Mar 18, '08

- Ok how about door and window (open, close, partly open). - a telephone hand set and base. Cash register. - a tree, bush or hedge. more plants that are easier to change the pot color. water cooler and coffee pot and maker. files box, documents, trash can and bowl cereal box. just every day simple stuff seen in common comics. :)

Mar 18, '08

- BTW: Those object requests below are 2D. Why so we can build simple props or mod existing ones. - 3D might be useful too later, but this is a simple start with 2D.

Mar 18, '08

- How about easy stuff like circles, squares, tri angles, lines and that can be resized (maybe). - The abilty to turn any object into a solid color without the black lines. - I am not sure if you can do this, but it would be nice to rotate objects on the Z axis. - That said I love it. I like the simple and easy of use. Thanks so much!

Mar 18, '08


Mar 15, '08

costumes! coyboy hats, guns, superhero capes, animals, I wanna do "BrokeBit Mountain"

Mar 14, '08

Freckles. Phones. Cats. Dogs. Hamsters. Another biggie -- it would be nice to be able to recolor characters, clothes, etc., within the strip. To even make someone blush, I have to create a whole new character.

Mar 13, '08

And a "faux hawk". I absolutely am going to need a faux hawk hairstyle for men and women, before I can properly ridicule certain people. Hmmm, I suppose I could make do with a mullet, until then...

Mar 12, '08

Hi. Cell phones, office phones. And cats. Loooots o cats.

Mar 12, '08

I'd love to see piece of paper our characters can hold.

Mar 12, '08

Adjusting one eye at a time. I need to learn how to wink.

Mar 12, '08

more exterior and interior settings.

Mar 11, '08

Primitives! Lines and circles alone would do wonders. Rotatable and colorable! And realwordable too!

Mar 11, '08

falling stars, fields, forest, jungle, jungle gym, the very tippity top of the CN Tower, in the clouds, under the sea, cars (smashed and unsmashed) and things and stuff.

Mar 11, '08

cigarette, martini glass, bathrobe, bigger boob option, beauty marks, boots, kissy lips

Mar 10, '08

goatee, a beret, bangs with more of the hairstyles and ponytail or fancy updo option might be nice too

Mar 9, '08

Mar 6, '08

religious garb, especially priest collar!!! guitar, bass, drums kit, microphones and stands, speakers, record tables, raver clothing, MORE SKIRTS, choker, GIMP GEAR, hoods, unicorns, gorgons (at least the snake hair) barf, camera.

Mar 1, '08

A stove! Frying pan! More food-ish options! Why am I yelling?!

Feb 23, '08


Feb 15, '08

drug stuff: needles, bags of stuff, pills, pill-bottles...also bandaids, casts and crutches...gross stuff like barf puddles, or just puddles that you can color, poop, flying saucers, airplanes...

Feb 15, '08

monocles, canes, music notes, the moon, the sun, buildings (downtown scene seems to not work), houses, fences, stars, hills, mountains, rivers, lakes, ark of the covenant...

Feb 15, '08

Maybe I'm a weirdo, but it'd be nice to have some weapons, also trees, bushes, stuff like cracks (to put in walls) and insects and animals...books, magazines, musical instruments (drumsticks, trumpet, guitar in particular). As for hairstyles, how bout some balding or super ugly ones, so I can draw more disgusting people?

Feb 15, '08

Old people are people too . Wrinkles. Comb-overs. Assistive devices (walker, wheelchair, hospital bed). Pill containers. Also... telephone, dogs, suitcase, bed, shower, bathtub. And definitely new noses, additional eyeglasses, and ladies hairdos - straight and curly, short, medium and long.

Feb 14, '08

Car-cardoor, single earring option, facial piercings? oh spaceships and a can of meat. Thanks

Feb 14, '08


Feb 13, '08

Also for the ladies hiarstyles I'd like to see a bob, pigtails and a bun.

Feb 7, '08

explosions, fire, puddle, spashes, clear glasses.

Feb 7, '08

Hairstyles too? Ok. Mohawk, bowl cut, ponytail, pigtails, bun

Jan 31, '08

i also really need some heart-shaped pupuls, kthks.

Jan 31, '08

i'd like, a ball of yarn, a kitty in sitting and cleaning itself positions, and a SEAMONSTER.

Jan 31, '08

while we're at it - might as well mention any specific requests for the next batch of clothing too! Even specific face bit/hair requests are welcome...

Jan 30, '08


some outdoor landscapes....and a poker table with cards, please!

Jan 30, '08

coming soon... the most popular prop of all time - from the OLD builder!

Jan 30, '08


Umbrella (open and shut), tin can (new and empty), potted plant, laptop (open and shut), book (open and shut), nipples, a fossilized coelecanth

Jan 30, '08

Booze & cigars?

Jan 30, '08


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