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October 6th, 2010

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he looking at my comics

April 21st

reminds me of cyanide and happines

May 24th

Lol wut?

Feb 18th

@1To10, you're right!

Dec 24th

aww.... hes so cute!

July 20th

So simple yet so adorable!

June 29th

April 25th

OMG!! you, this! awesome

Feb 20th


Nov 14th

What's that??

Nov 18th

This is so Cute, but Scary at the same time...LKF!! Good JOB!

August 26th

ahah lol :)

August 14th

hehehehehehehehe!!!hes so quit

August 13th

This is amazing, good job, Bells (:

August 8th

@Bella87 Nice comic. Really good! Also your welcome! I laughed and did a kudos

August 3rd


May 15th

Nice work !

May 7th

he is 2 cute!

April 17th

Oh my goodness, everyone. THank you so much for making this so popular. I'm glad you all love it.

April 17th

charlie bit my finger and it really hert....OWWWW CHARLIE!!!!

April 2nd

charlie scares me!

March 28th

right back at ya

March 25th

Nice comic! Check out some of my comics!

March 17th

he is sooo cute!

March 11th


Feb 28th

ooooohhhh aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
aaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwww love it sos oso sosososososo much! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwww
www... gonna shut up now. but he's just so--- sorry.

Feb 23rd


Feb 19th

Heyy thatss soo cooll

Feb 11th

Thanks guys!

Jan 16th


Jan 12th

LKF like him

Jan 12th


Jan 12th

@RaeKayz, no offence... thats rude. Not any better than you could do. You dont know how long this took her. Atleast be nice.

Jan 9th


Jan 9th

Jan 5th


Jan 1st

I love it!

Jan 1st

i luv it

Dec 30th

it does look a lot like salad fingers but a lot cuter nice job

Dec 28th

Good luck, Charlie!

Dec 21st

Wow! Look at the views on this thing! :O

Dec 17th


Dec 15th

What the random!

Dec 9th


Nov 27th

charlie why why why dose all this happen to him why noooooooooooooooooooooooooo

Nov 24th

his face is so funny nice

Nov 23rd

lol his face is funny

Nov 22nd

great emotions!

Nov 6th

Trolls and there flagging.

Nov 4th


Nov 3rd

i like it!

Nov 1st


Oct 29th

Not bad at all

Oct 28th

Cool man!!!!!

Oct 26th

he he funny

Oct 24th

wow that is so cute love it

Oct 24th

Lol he is adorible so funny though

Oct 23rd

He's watching you......

Oct 22nd


Oct 12th


Oct 12th


Oct 11th


Oct 11th

i like rusty spoons....

Oct 11th

Charlie is soooooo adorable. I feel bad 4 him cuz heez scared

Oct 11th

Salad Fingers!!!!

Oct 11th

I like it :)

Oct 11th

such talent!

Oct 10th

woahhhhh lfk

Oct 9th

Very cute!

Oct 9th

Ok little guy... your name is charlie. Charlie is getting his own series called Charlie. If I can just figure out how to make a backwards r....

Oct 9th

lol nice

Oct 9th

good job

Oct 8th

Nice Job- Editors Pick.

Oct 7th

yeah bell

Oct 7th

coool love it

Oct 7th

Im thinking of putting this guy in a series.... good idea?

Oct 7th

you can get fp and i cant? f@#k me.

Oct 7th

Actually this looks like me when I saw the giant chocolate chip cookie I ate a while ago

Oct 7th

LOL @ Bitstripkid. Anyway, It oddly reminds me of Salad Fingers... http://www.a

Oct 7th

I just realized how simular this looks to my moms face when she saw my last math test...

Oct 7th

congratz on fp

Oct 7th

luv tti

Oct 7th

Lol! Cute

Oct 6th


Oct 6th

Oh yes, clapp! I used your avvy as an inspiration XD

Oct 6th

Hey it looks like me!!!

Oct 6th

Aw ! Great job !

Oct 6th

AWWW He's cutein a creepy sorta way!

Oct 6th


Oct 6th

who u lookin at fool?

Oct 6th


Oct 6th

Whether you know it or not, stuff like this takes a while. I dont know who would groan it.

Oct 6th

Haha, that's cute...

Oct 6th


Oct 6th

*snrk* you just made my day.

Oct 6th

lol!! LK

Oct 6th

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