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The Batloon Traveling Carnival

January 27th, 2009

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June 21st

cool flying bike! At first, no offense at all whatsoever... I thought it was ET...

April 17th

A very strange comic indeed. I like strange.

Feb 15th

Now THAT'S a cool way to travel.

Nov 8th


March 12th


March 11th


March 9th

really nice

Dec 3rd

OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG I WANT THAT BIKE...Keep making awesome comics (:

June 29th

This is cool

Feb 14th

For some reason, the astounding strip by Miss Chevious that inspired this, is not mentioned on this page. Because I edited my remix so many times, her original is not shown. I've always meant to remedy that and give genius credit where mastermind credit is please click here (and for extra karma points, leave her an encouraging comment!).... http://www.b

Oct 1st


I can't stop reading these. They're amazing.

Sep 22nd

I personaly thought that was BORING!!!

May 27th


April 26th


Jan 7th

that is so messed up!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nov 5th

oh theres anouther troll for you cec

Sep 12th

cool bike... i mean roger roger

July 26th


June 18th

Awesome :D

June 10th

nice job

June 5th

Max Neptune and the Menacing Squid is now in serial format, starting with Chapter 1, and will be released every Saturday: http://youtu

April 20th


I Cant beleive i didnt see this

April 9th

I am truly inspired to be surrounded by so many talented artists. Every one of you stretches your potentials and allows more to shine through. I want you to know that i appreciate it and we all want to see more of it. If you are interested in seeing the retro sci-fi I acted in, here is the link: http://bit.l

April 3rd



March 10th


Feb 18th


Oct 21st

very nice use of shapes. lkf!

Oct 19th


Oct 2nd

nice comic. looks like it took alot of time to do.

August 6th

Ew, his face is discusting.

May 22nd

yo, dude that is a sick picture

Jan 28th

Wow, Curt. I wasn't here when you published this one. Amazing! And congrats on Editors Pick, of course!

July 18th

editors pick!

July 16th

I want one too!

March 28th

Every time I see this, I like it even more !

March 28th


outstounding!!!! Im appauled with myself for not commenting on such a superb strip!!!

March 22nd

i didn't comment this? i have lkfed it...NICE love it!

March 17th


March 14th

I love the sound effects in the first panel, I can just hear it in my mind.

March 5th


March 4th

ummm. thats amazing.

March 3rd

Wow! You're fantasmagoricus is now on the FP as Editor's pick!

March 2nd

WOOOO! Editor's Pick!

March 2nd

every one of these blows my mind

Feb 21st

Oh my! Could it really be...Curt! You have come back! Speaking of which, if anyone asks, you haven't seens me...also, thanks for further decorating my flying machine. It looks fantastic!

Feb 4th

A fantasmaglory of a machine!!!

Jan 31st

Outstanding work...I echo Wireless's comments! When you arrive, it's always a treat of sights and sounds!

Jan 28th

I can't wait for more CEC! I hope you will make others soon! Its incredible. you were away for a couple of months and when you come back you make one strip and it is instantly a front pager! Thats fantastic!

Jan 28th


Jan 28th

The true master shows that even after months of being aways, he can page one a strip effortlessly. Excellent work my friend!

Jan 28th

outstanding onomatopoeias, onomatopoeii?..whaver, great sound effects..!!

Jan 28th

Hopefully thats not a manual bike light generator! A smile, a Check, and a Star from me, Sir!

Jan 28th

Zounds! That's one noisy bike!

Jan 27th

Thank you to the Bitgods for putting me comicstrip on the front page!

Jan 27th


He's back

Jan 27th

Hahah! I knew this would be a front pager! Keep up the fantastic work CEC! I hope you will make more strips soon!

Jan 27th

Yes, finally after months of waiting..he is finally back! The magnificant CEC! Bravo! Fantastic work matey!LKF a thousand times!!

Jan 27th

My brain is feeling the refreshment of CEC's mind field. It's been too long since we all had a chance to have our minds blown in that wonderful field!

Jan 27th

Love this! Love the flying contraption, it's brilliant! I must find out how it works! muhahaha! The colors, the panel composition... I especially love the zoom into Doctor Ocular's hat brim showing Lago and Fatchie. Excellent dimensional side excursion

Jan 27th


Jan 27th

Galactic lunacy out there in ourcerebral anomaly! The Sounds of a ever turning crank ride me to a world of delight not yet seen with purchased eyes!

Jan 27th

yeah! what .. um ... uzi ..said!

Jan 27th

Love the spontaneous unreality of ever-prestent amnesia!!!

Jan 27th

Also, thank you to Stripfreak for the bitmails about getting more strips out there and thank you to Miss C for the bicycle and thank you to all of you for the inspirado

Jan 27th


Ah, it's been so long since you made a new strip, and I love them so much. Thank you for making my day a little more surreal!

Jan 27th

I have been witness to this supernatural traveling carnival on many occasions. Dynamite stuff! One time they tried something different...that was the first time I have ever watched a show through a magnifying glass among a crowd of thousands each holding their own

Jan 27th


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