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Certain characters have been replaced in the strip:

#ME 2Ogre ChristmasMikeBit Sr.field1572 Sr.Roland_finecheese boy Sr.dboy112 Sr.jashani Sr.rakerdisneykid18 Sr.ActiveWear!!.MaskJulien Benghi Sr.jadenAviation Sr.ijghdpufigTaitBarlek Soccer!jedizzzz new avvy #3for gandolfi!!emilyZombie Mejessew888 Sr.HM  2010Abc123Lola74210For colbyw2212Me      for dolphingirpeaceoutl Sr.blue14 Sr.monkeytrio01 Sr.pandabears Sr.TheBeatles by MastermeCharlie RiveraJulien12991up Sr.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!DanDobbyTman~Ninjaness~elmo1990Housedance-tustaavvydramaticman QuaylnFor moi!!Revenge1me as a kidavatar 3soccergirl3 Sr.Allyanna!!!forlulu!!!Senkai Dugusepic meSt. NicklausCoolIan Sr.!!WeirdoMe for Canadasupernemo Sr.   epic meFrom: Kittylastella7 Sr.CatDog0202 MoiULTRA Old Avvy!PeinFor AynMe.Trinitygothic me

Some characters were marked as private and you didn't have permission to use them.
Also, some characters had been deleted by their creators.

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