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July 10th, 2008

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Talk about phys ed

April 5th


Feb 9th


Dec 4th

nice conic

Nov 26th

look up Clawdius, and read my nuts and cats comics, PLZ.

Nov 20th

hey guys search me up and read my fake news series its hilarious

Oct 31st

i dont get it

Oct 22nd

...gulp... it was hilarious though lol

August 24th


August 5th


lol is all i can say

June 18th

It Must Be A "Math-debateing" Class

June 2nd

Good joke Uzi...

May 20th


May 20th

Nice joke... Tomorrow I have an exam... Chemistry. The joke will save me? Or not?

May 8th

LOL....really funny keep it up!

April 13th

This was Completley amazing. WHOO. i laughed insidee :D. keep it up! this is amazing ;D!

April 1st


Feb 19th

Yayyy, you repubbed it!

Jan 18th


Jan 18th

199 Laughs!

March 7th


March 4th

hoho haha i hate it not

March 3rd

hahahahahahahaha thay is funny!

Feb 23rd


Feb 13th

can i be your friend

Feb 9th


Feb 7th


Jan 29th

Nice job man you r the best author in bitstrips

Jan 14th

Jan 13th

Yawn, yawn, yawn.......... JUST JOKING!! HILARIOUS!!

Jan 13th


Dec 25th

lol very funny!!

Dec 16th

mOzE is the best around not uzi

Dec 15th

Nice one

Dec 12th

uzi once again i think you are the best auther in bitstrips

Dec 10th

he he i got it now thats funny

Dec 10th

hhaahaha this is really good

Nov 29th

LOL! THIS IS @#$%!

Nov 20th


Nov 14th

that is @#$%@$@ funny =)

Nov 13th

It seems i made a mistake, actually stripfreak has the top rated comic in bitstrips!

Nov 11th

Oh and i cant believe i havent favorited this yet!

Nov 11th

Wow, now you have 164 laughs. You are like a legend here! Everyone has heard of you and this is the top rated comic of bitstrips. and you have the most views too! Wow, your just amazing!

Nov 11th

I enjoyed this.... enjoy!

Sep 24th


August 19th

oh he just got owned!

August 13th

i fav'd this like a year ago but i really feel the urge to say POW RIGHT IN THE KISSER!

August 4th

I don't agree with it being "Mature". I've seen worse on prime time TV. Absolutely funny though.

July 20th

It Took Me 100 Times To This!

July 14th

Lol.. now THIS is my kinda humor.. err.. not sure what that says about me.. but.. it's damn funny) LKF material..

July 14th

This is the top rated strip on ever...

July 9th

Rofl! soz about before

June 21st

uzi is the best arouned

May 28th

i fav'd this strip a long time ago but never realised that i didn't commented on it ! so: LKF xD

May 22nd

that guy has a penis for a head back there

March 19th

CONGRADULATIONS UZI!!! You've hit 100 laughs! And now by the looks of it 106! (It used to be 105 until I added a laugh PLUS a kudo!) You deserve the congrats Uzi for all the great comics youv'e made and will make! CONGRATS!!! :D

March 7th

Congrats with 100 laughs! well done uzi!

Jan 26th

I love this!!

Dec 25, '08


Dec 11, '08

Very funny....

Nov 7, '08


Nov 4, '08

What a cum-back! Good one Uzi

Sep 23, '08

hahaha to funny!!!! I (L) Average Joe

Sep 19, '08


Sep 9, '08


Sep 5, '08

This is a funny one! Kudos and a laugh for you.

Jul 19, '08


Jul 11, '08

ahahah funny funny...

Jul 11, '08


Oh my!!!! Very funny!

Jul 11, '08

Holy sh#t! 25 laughs since yesterday! well done uzi! I will give you number 26! hahaha.. plus a favorite ofcourse!

Jul 11, '08

I like this teacher! Reminds me of me! Great!

Jul 11, '08

i like

Jul 11, '08

That teacher must've done vaudeville before! He's got wonderful comedic timing! I like the background expressions!

Jul 11, '08


Your teacher is a very wise man. I love it!

Jul 11, '08

I should really be asleep. i was always asleep in class.

Jul 11, '08

I finally got to sit next to Joe! Sadly, he has B.O.!

Jul 11, '08


Jul 11, '08

LOL! I see we have a new series here...

Jul 11, '08

Jul 11, '08

@kalisgirl--all nymphomaniacs are usually at least a little sexually frustrated no matter how much they get.....hahaha!!! ;)

Jul 11, '08

Uzi...I'm starting to see a pattern here. I think you may be sexually frustrated. haha.

Jul 10, '08


Jul 10, '08

Hahahaha nice job

Jul 10, '08

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